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Production, planning, delivery and installation of steel structures

We operate as a professional Hungarian company with more than 25 years of experience. We have a wealth of expertise in the construction of building steel structures, bridges, ships and pontoons, but you can also count on us if you need to build a railing or stair structure within a project.

A construction company where

You cooperate with highly qualified staff who experience the results of their work as personal success, who take deadlines seriously and always do their best. Our determined and persistent professionals are open to new solutions. With the help of their experience, they accurately assess the possible solutions and weigh them up, thereby ensuring the comprehensive, reliable implementation of the orders – just the way you want it.

What are we like?



In our company, our work is based on deadlines that are known and accepted by everyone – which we also adhere to.



We do not leave projects to chance, and work in a system that minimizes risks.



We accept assignments in a way that involves work with the best professionals – we solve every situation.

Each customer and each assignment is important to us

In the case of each request, we prepare an individual price quote that we can discuss together and modify according to your needs. We believe that open cooperation is important from the beginning, which can lay the foundation for long-term professional cooperation.

We are the ones who

Have 25 years of experience

Always give you our best service

Use innovative tools

Have already proven our skills both abroad and in Hungary

According to our returning customers, nothing is impossible with us

We know that not all construction works and not all workflows are easy – however, our experience shows that everything can be solved with us. Challenges ensure that our professional development is unbroken. This may also serve as a proof for ourselves.

How to contact us

Tell us about the project we can help you with and we will contact you!